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Safe toys

ITC has been providing professional services in the field of toys testing and certification for more than 15 years. In 2004, ITC was approached by the Italian Institute for Toys Safety (IISG), which was looking for a suitable partner for extension of the "Safe Toys" project into East European countries. ITC became one of the many project"s licensees and can now provide to the Czech producers services allowing them to mark high quality and safe toys with a yellow logo with "Safe Toys" inscription.

The "Safe Toys" project brings a suitable solution for manufacturers and distributors that seek very careful assessment of the product considering all possible risks. Buying a product bearing the "Safe Toys" mark is a good choice for the final consumer as well as a guarantee of safety provided through certification by a competent body. Continuous supervision of the product quality and safety throughout its introduction to the market provides a high degree of assurance that the toy will not cause temporary or permanent injury to the child"s health.

For whom is the mark intended?

The certification mark is intended for all toys defined by the Council Directive 88/378/EEC:

  • Games, combination boxes, educational toys, puzzle
  • Dolls, figures, cars
  • Doll carriages, aquatic toys
  • Chemical toys, various sets for girls and boys
  • Bobby cars, children"s scooters, children"s bicycles, swings, slides, balls and functional toys
  • Toys for babies (rattles, teethers, toys to be used in sandpit, etc.)
  • Toys powered by battery, toys with remote control
  • Fancy dresses, masks, textile toys

Conditions of obtaining "SAFE TOYS" certification mark

Conditions for acquiring the right to mark the products with this certification mark are as follows:

  • Meeting the requirements guaranteeing higher level of safety, described in General Rules for Licence and Use of "Safe Toys" Mark and obtaining the certificate from the body authorized for activities in the "Safe Toys" project
  • Positive results of periodical inspections carried out by a body authorized for activities in the "Safe Toys" project
  • Signing a licensing agreement for the use of the "Safe Toys" mark

Laboratory evaluation of toys in "SAFE TOYS" system

Tests are carried out after prior hazard analysis and classification of toys according to the age category by a specially trained certification person.

  • Physical and mechanical tests
  • Chemical and hygienic analyses, radioactivity
  • Electrical tests
  • Flammability tests

Quality stability control system

  • Initial inspection
  • Supervision of product

If you wish to get "SAFE TOYS" Certification, please send us an enquiry.

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