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ITC certified quality

ITC has been providing professional services in the field of testing and certification for more than 15 years. The project of the new 'ITC certified quality' mark is intended for producers and distributors that seek careful assessment of products and confirmation of their above standard properties by an independent accredited body. Unlike common certification, the product quality and safety information reach directly the final consumer through this mark.

Continuous supervision of the product quality and safety throughout its sale provides a high degree of assurance that the product will keep its declared standard verified by the certificate.

Intention and objective of 'ITC certified quality mark'

  • Providing information about higher level of product safety and quality to distributors and consumers;
  • Marketing support of quality products on the expense of products meeting only the minimum legislative requirements;
  • Visible information about successful product certification, which assessed conformity to the specified legislative and technical requirements.
  • Guarantee of continuous safety and quality compliance of the products provided with ITC mark;
  • Support of communication between clients and suppliers in the field of competitive products with high standard of safety and quality.

For whom is the mark intended?

  • The mark is determined for placing on products, documents and in publications, where it shows conformity of the product properties to above standard requirements specified by a standard, specification or any other suitable document, while meeting all legislative requirements.
  • Product areas suitable for the use of 'ITC certified quality' mark:
    • Toys
    • Leather products and shoes
    • Sports equipment
    • Household product that come in contact with foodstuffs and drinking water
    • Electrical appliances
    • Construction products
    • Personal protective equipment
    • Medical devices
    • Foodstuffs

Conditions of obtaining the certification mark

Conditions for acquiring the right to mark the products with this certification mark are as follows:

  • Meeting legislative requirements
  • Meeting additional requirements guaranteeing higher level of quality and safety
  • Positive results of initial inspection and periodical checks on stability of the certified product's quality
  • Signing a licensing agreement for the use of the "ITC certified quality" mark

If you wish to get "ITC CERTIFIED QUALITY" Certification, please send us an enquiry.

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