CUTR & GOST Approvals


Russia is a unique country and has unique requirements to safety. If you plan to trade with Russia, you should know and understand the Russian requirements for certification.

The certificate of the Custom Union (TR CU Certificate) allows the distribution of goods within the Customs Union without restriction. The negotiated accepted standards of the Certificate enable a streamlined process to take place. These certificates are valid within the Custom Union countries which are Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia.

QVC has successfully executed Custom Union certificates for several years. For this reason, obtaining the necessary document that allows goods to be circulated without restriction within Russia, Belarus & Kazakhstan.

We Offer:-

  • TR CU (EAC) Certification
  • TR CU (EAC) Declaration
  • Refusal Letter
  • Fire Safety Certificate
  • TR CU (EAC-Ex) Certification
  • Pattern Approvals
  • Technical Documents

There are a number of changes in the Custom Union Regulations for manufacturers of mass-produced products in terms of requirements pertaining to documentation, inspection etc.

We will be pleased to answer your questions and provide complete information on the current standards and regulations. This information plays a major role in ensuring that the export procedure is smooth and completed on schedule, and all the certification related to the new regulations for all the products can be very well undertaken by us.

If you are interested please send us the HS code of the products, product details(Technical specifications, photographs), which will allow us to provide you the best proposal for chosen certification services..

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