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globalgap certification

GLOBALGAP – a standard for Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) is an internationally recognized standard to assure quality and safety of products tailor-made for primary agricultural production. The standard treats 3 areas: plant production, livestock production and aquaculture. At the present time, the GLOBALGAP system is applied in more than 80 world countries.

Principle of certification according to GLOBALGAP

  • Food safety – food safety criteria, based on application of HACCP principles
  • Environmental protection – minimizing adverse impacts of agricultural production on the environment
  • Occupational safety and staff care – criteria for occupational safety and health protection in agricultural companies
  • Animal welfare (animal-breeding) criteria for welfare of animals at farms


  • Reducing risks for food safety in the primary production;
  • Minimizing adverse impact on the environment;
  • Improving effectiveness of activities of the agricultural primary production;
  • Increasing integrity of similar systems for assuring safety and quality of farms worldwide;
  • Competitive advantage when concluding supplier-customer agreements.


The Institute for Testing and Certification is registered with FoodPLUS (an organization legally representing the GLOBALGAP secretariat) and conducts certification according to VARIANT 1 (an individual farmer applying for GLOBALGAP certification), for the area – CROPS BASE and subarea – FRUITS & VEGETABLES.


The GLOBALGAP standard focuses on 3 areas: plant production, livestock production and aquaculture. There are three basic documents for each of the above-mentioned areas:

  • General regulations (laying down rules for certification, certification procedures and rules for the standard handling);
  • Control Points and Compliance Criteria (the actual requirements);
  • Checklist – a document containing the actual requirements, which at the same time serves for recording conformity/non-conformance with the set requirements in the course of an audit/inspection).

The standard requirements are divided into three levels of importance: Major Musts, Minor Musts and Recommendations. Farmers acquire GLOBALGAP certification on the basis of an inspection conducted by the certification body registered with FoodPLUS.

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