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We at QVC in cooperation with it’s alliance partner Institute for Testing and Certification (ITC) a.s. Zlin, NOTIFIED BODY NO. 1023 provide Services in connection with conformity assessment of pressure cookers

Services provided in connection with conformity assessment of pressure cookers

Pressure equipments
  • Conformity assessment by the Notified Body No. 1023 according to the Council Directive 97/23/EC, laying down the technical requirements for pressure equipment
    • Essential safety requirements are derived in the usual method based on PS*V product. Pressure cookers for domestic use which show the value under 50, are classified as the category I. However, the design assessment stage shall be carried out according to one of the modules for the category III. A decision upon selection of a module is usually made by the producer based on consulting the staff of the Notified Body No.1023.
  • Testing pressure cookers in the Accredited Laboratory No. 1004 and No. 1004.3
    • Testing pressure cookers according to harmonized standards:
      • CSN EN 12778 Cooking ware ?Pressure cookers for domestic use and related standards
      • CSN EN 12983-1 Ovenware ?Domestic ovenware designed for stoves, cookers or cooking hobs ?Part 1: General Requirements.
  • Granting licenses for voluntary certification mark "ITC certified quality"
    • ITC grants a license for the use of the quality mark, which is granted to the products where high standard of safety and quality parameters has been proved by certification and where meeting the prerequisites of the producer for continuous quality compliance has been proved through inspection visits.
  • Standardization services (standardization) and technical information
  • Certification of management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001)
  • Technical inspection
  • Expert opinions
ce mark

Products assessed in ITC according to the Council Directive 97/23/EC

Institute for testing and certification, a joint-stock company is authorized as the Notified Body No. 1023 for the activities of conformity assessment of pressure equipment. The subject of conformity assessment includes pressure cookers for domestic use, which are to be introduced in the EU쥀 market with CE marking.

If you wish to get CE certification for Pressure equipment, please send us an enquiry.

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