Certification of product - Voluntary certification - Certification of products

Importance of voluntary certification

Voluntary certification

Product certification by a certification body is an impartial confirmation of conformity of product properties to requirements of a specified document (act, decree, standard, regulation')..

Product certificate supports:

  • product credibility
  • guarantee of stable quality
  • product competitiveness
  • better marketing of the product
  • reducing probability of claims

Services of the certification body for products

  • Certification of products
  • Attestation of products
  • Certification mark "ITC certified quality"
    ce mark
    • ITC has a proprietary quality mark 'ITC certified quality'. The manufacturer can ask for a licence for using this mark for a product meeting high standards of quality and safety for users. The licence is conditioned by passing initial tests and continuous auditing of ability to keep up the quality of the production.

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