Testing laboratory - Testing laboratory

The Institute for Testing and Certification (ITC) runs the accredited testing laboratory No. 1004 and No. 1004.3 according to EN ISO/IEC 17 025. The number of accredited standards amounts to the level of 1000 items. More detail information is given in Annex to the Certificate of Accreditation.

Beside this, ITC uses for characteristics determination several further, so called not accredited examinations, which are carried out with a use of the modern testing instruments and appliances. By this means, it is possible to fulfil the requirements of the clients for complete verification of properties and quality evaluation of different materials or products.


  • Plastic and rubber products
  • Pipeline systems
  • Organic and inorganic chemicals
  • Textile materials and products
  • Personal protective equipment for professional use and sports activities
  • Shoe materials, components, footwear
  • Leather clothing and products
  • Sports goods
  • Construction products
  • Construction
  • Medical devices, implantable medical devices, in vitro diagnostic medical devices
  • Toys
  • Cosmetics
  • Children's playgrounds equipments
  • Products determined for children's care
  • Household appliances
  • automotive and aviation industry - raw materials, semi-finished products and final goods
  • Foodstuffs
  • Fodder
  • Packages and packaging materials
  • Environmental factors
  • Electronic products, consumer electronics
  • Electric motors, generators, transformers
  • Measuring, monitoring and navigation instruments and equipment
  • Lighting fittings, electric tools
  • Gaming machines


  • determination of quality, safety and hygiene parameters
  • analysis of the competitive products
  • qualitative inspections
  • expert opinions


  • chemical analyses
  • material anylyses
  • environment analyses
  • packaging evaluation
  • testing of materials in contact with skin
  • testing of materials in contact with drinking water
  • testing of materials in contact with foodstuffs
  • testing of products for children
  • testing of materials according to Pharmacopoeias
  • examination of water, footstuffs, fodder and raw-materials
  • testing for automotive industry
  • ROhS


  • Evaluation of microbiological quality of food
  • Evaluation of microbiological quality of drinking and bottled water
  • Estimation of microorganism population on an object (Bioburden)
  • Evaluation of action of microorganisms (plastics)
  • Determining resistance to moulds and bacteria
  • Testing for antibacterial activity and efficacy on textile materials
  • Microbiological testing of unsterile products (according to the Czech Pharmacopoeia)
  • Determining microbial contamination of interior surfaces by scraping
  • Control of air microbial contamination in interiors
  • Microbiological control of efficacy of disinfecting solutions


  • mechanical properties
  • physical and chemical characteristics of materials
  • thermal properties
  • transport phenomena's
  • flammability and fire characteristics of materials
  • tests for assessment of ageing and degradation of materials
  • optical properties
  • sorption properties, viscosity of liquids, molecular characteristics of materials
  • tests of resistance to fluids, gases and chemicals
  • testing of electrostatic properties
  • testing for automotive industry


  • construction products for concrete and reinforced (ferro) concrete parts of construction works " cement, concrete, reinforcing steel, fly ash, aggregates, grouting mortars, precast concrete and aerated concrete products, and others
  • construction products for masonry works " building lime, mortar mixtures, mortar additives, masonry units, burnt ceiling products, gypsum blocks and others
  • construction wood and timber products and timber structures
  • protective, heat and sound insulation materials and products, external heat insulation systems
  • waterproofing materials, roof coverings, fascias and soffit boards, etc.
  • mortars, sealants and adhesives
  • products for protective coating and coats of metals, concrete and masonry
  • bitumens and bitumen products, bitumen mixtures
  • construction products for waste water systems and liquids and gases distribution systems
  • construction products for opening closures
  • geotextiles, geomembranes, plastics anchors, structural bearings, anti-noise and
  • anti-glare screens
  • internal partitions assemblies, curtain walls
  • products for road base and rock and soil stabilisation and rigid flooring products
  • for road finishes
  • aggregates, binders, filling and reinforcing materials, fly ashes and fly ash mixtures
  • technical equipment of buildings
  • construction products for internal and external wall, ceiling and floor finishes
  • gypsum products
  • construction products for sanitary appliances


  • testing of pressure piping systems for the supply of potable water, hot and cold water for sanitary systems, floor and central heating (PE, PE-X, PP, PVC-U, PB, ABS, multilayer pipes etc.)
  • testing of plastics piping systems for the supply of gaseous fuels
  • sewerage systems for (gravitational, vacuum and pressure systems), manholes, covers, ancillary fittings
  • glass reinforced piping systems
  • pipes for drainage
  • piping systems for soil and waste discharge (low and high temperature) within the building structure
  • eaves gutters and fittings for roofs
  • channels with covers for telecommunications
  • couble throughes and cover plates
  • plastic and rubber hoses
  • covers, floor traps, siphons, toilet cisterns
  • plastic and metal valves, sanitary tapware, single and mixer taps
  • sealing components (sealands, teflon tapes, o-rings etc.)


  • linear textiles - fibres, threads
  • clothing textiles - woven and knitted fabrics
  • finished clothing - linen, ready-made clothes
  • personal protective equipment - clothing, gloves, head gears, linen, clothing accessories, footwear
  • individual products - scarves, ribbons, head gears, socks
  • covering textiles
  • floor textiles
  • other home textile - bed linen, decorative textile, wall coverings
  • technical textiles - geotextiles, heat and sound isolation textiles, special textiles
  • textiles for transport vehicles
  • shoe materials - leather, furs, man-made materials, textile, plastics, rubber, card-board paper, etc.
  • shoe components
  • footwear
  • haberdashery products
  • leather clothing and fur products


  • electromagnetic compatibility - EMC
  • electric safety
  • climatic and technological tests
  • mechanical and vibration tests

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